Revision : March, 2019

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The Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price list is destined for the final user and the prices should be considered as indicative.

All quotes for specific projects should be channeled through NAD Klima authorised distributors within a designated territory. Certain products could, based on specific particularities of the project, incur increases or reductions of the MSRP list, such as:

  • Basic discount
  • Volume discount
  • Surcharge for assistance in the elaboration and design of particular plans
  • Service charge for inal worksite performance tests (ex. Velocity, smoke tests)
  • Requirement of specific materials (ex. Stainless), a specific color or modification of standard dimensions.
  • The presence of components not visible on the plans (ex. Interior sleeves, rails, clamps, end caps, balancing damper) for projects with circular ducts.

The indicated prices are F.O.B. Sherbrooke and do not include shipping charges.
All potential customers, general contractors, ventilation contractors, mechanical or structural engineers, can communicate with NAD Klima to evaluate the value of a given project. However, all purchases must be made through an authorised NAD Klima distributor, at a fair price.

This price list is strictly for usage by the person who requested it, and who has been authorised by NAD Klima or its authorised distributor to obtain a copy. The contents of the NAD Klima MSRP list must be considered confidential to all who request a copy.

All reproductions, distribution or retransmission of the contents of the NAD Klima MSRP list is strictly prohibited.

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